Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Ornament Swap

It was a fabulous year for ornaments.  Here are numbers 2 - 13.  They are looking so good on my tree.  Thank you ladies you really made the Holidays sparkle.

Number 2 - Melissa Terilizzi.  The delightful mailbox with snow, holly and a cardinal is made entirely from clay.  The details are amazing.  The number 2 on the package is also made from clay and fits right inside the mailbox!. 

Number 3 - Martha Brown.  A most beautiful package and a lovely 2 sided ornament.  Full of  Joy.

Number 4 - Brook Wihelmsen.  This stunning silver bird came in a nest with a candy cane and two wishes - Wishing you Happiness and Wishing you Hope.

Number 5 - Leslie Brier.  This tiny tree is made of twisted wire and buttons.  It has a cute red bird on one branch and all fits nicely in a spool of thread.

Number 6 - Barbara Posey.  A round fat felted penguin with a Santa hat.  How cute is this?

Number 7 - Janet Moss.  An old scrap of quilt, fringe and a heart.  You can just feel the places it's been.

Number 8 - Elizabeth Woodford our lovely hostess. A cute tin with a sweet girl and her dolly.  I love the beaded details.

Number 9 - Christine Lush Rodriguez.  Look at the clue on the tag.  It's so fun to shake up the sparkles in the snow globe!

Number 10 - Robin McIntyre. A lovely 2 sided snowflake with a beaded center and lots of sparkles.

Number 11 - Alice Early. Each of us received a unique steam punk Santa head.  Totally my style.  Love it.

Number 12 - Mary Ann Lush. Two delightful Santas with hand painted faces.  They are so fuzzy cute.

Number 13 - Stephanie Woolsey.  This is an amazing ball made of rolled up book pages.  This is so amazing.

Looking forward to next year.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for joining us again!! It was such fun and we are all looking forward to next year!! Hugs!