Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Metallics exhibition and auction

Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA is hosting a mixed media metallics exhibition and auction for more information follow this link  http://www.artisticartifacts.com/metallics/index.htm The show and auction end on February 15, 2014.  Money from the auction will benefit Food for Others.

I have two pieces in the show.

This lovely lady is not for sale at this time.
Walkies - I like to make up stories for my art creations.  In this one I see a very beautiful French woman Madam Madeleine all dressed up in her finest clothes and jewels taking her beloved dog Jean Baptiste for a walk in a chic Paris park.  When they are done with their walk they will stop by a trendy outside café for a chocolate tart and espresso for her and a bowl of nice cold water and a dog bone for Jean Baptiste.

Mixed media assemblage using paper, a variety of metals, some bling and one beaded dog.  

This collage is for sale in the silent auction

JOY - Always find delight in the little things in life.  A happy heart will help you appreciate all your life has to offer.  Be sure to help and support others along the way.  Remember to enjoy the journey where ever it may take you.

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Janet Ghio said...

Your pieces are just wonderful! I really like your art. I come to your blog through bloglovin and through there I am unable to leave a comment, so in order to comment I had to come straight to your blog rather than through bloglovin. Anyway, great work!!