Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Ornament Swap - Starts HERE

This year I am number ONE.  On December 9th we will all open number ONE - then each day for 12 more days we will open one ornament.  What a fun tradition. Many thanks to Elizabeth Woodford our hostess and to all the artists participating this year.  Can't wait to add all the ornaments to my little tree.

For my ornament I started with cookie press discs.  I was able to easily drill holes in the aluminum ones to hang the wire crocheted beads and charms.  The steel discs were a different story I had to hang the beads from existing holes.  The discs were decorated with paint, alcohol inks and glitter. I had fun picking out beads, buttons and charms for each one. Enjoy!

Steel discs - couldn't drill holes in these.

Here are the finished ornaments hanging from the ceiling.

The ornament that was returned to me has a Panda on it which is very cool because we have a new baby panda at the National Zoo in Washington DC who just got named Bao Bao - which means precious or treasure.


Leslie Brier said...

I opened mine this morning and I loved it! Just when you think there is nothing new under the sun, someone comes up with a completely fresh idea! What a great start!

Stephanie said...

I feel so lucky that I was able to participate in this ornament exchange. Every time I look at Linda's ornament I see some new detail. What a wonderful start to the holidays!

Elizabeth said...

Well Linda you got us off to a great start as I knew that you would!! This ornament will stay displayed in a prominent place all year!! I felt that I got the ornament that was meant for ME as it is full of ocean colors and sea charms. You know so well that the ocean is my happy place. I love it how things work out this way- the Hand of the Art Goddess at Work!!!

Elizabeth said...

The picture of all the finished ornament hanging in your studio is just luscious!!!