Monday, April 8, 2013

Purrrrfect Sunday

april 2013 buzz emma

The screen door is OPEN - finally we can get some fresh air in the house and watch birds!

The weather was sunny and perfect.  Time for the first scooter ride of the season.  I have a new scooter this year, it looks just like the old one but it is a tiny bit bigger.  I did have to ride around the school parking lot for a while to get used to turning it.  Top speed is around 35 mph.  It will go a little faster once it's broken in.  That seems to be a good speed for the surface streets around here.  My husband patiently rode behind me on his scooter which goes much faster.

april 2013 ride

Yikes, I forgot to braid my HAIR.
april ride 4

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