Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Art Day

Laura's studio 4

4 lovely ladies, 2 big dogs, all the art supplies in the world and a home cooked lunch, we all had a fabulous art filled day.  We even got to play with Creme Brulee Torches (yes, we were outside) - adding the element of fire made my day.


Here is a fun project, take some Altoid tins torch them then decorate them inside and out and make little books to go inside the tins.

The dining room table workspace:

work table

An old tintype photograph with a layer of mica and brads that look like buttons holding it all together:


Pearl tin outside

Pearl tin inside


The finish on this tin crackled when heated.  The color was applied using alcohol inks.

Sara tin outside

This little book is made from a variety of papers and it fits perfectly inside the tin.

Sara tin inside

This looks like flowers to me.

tin with ink

Studio tour with studio dogs:

studio dogs

Projects, Projects and more projects!

Laura's studio

Don't forget to look up to the ceiling, you might miss a treasure.

Laura's studio 3

Laura's studio 2

Thank you ladies, I'm looking forward to our next adventure!

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