Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's April

April in Northern Virginia arrives with rain and flowers, trees blooming and getting their leaves, birds tweeting, yard work, house maintenance and birthday's lots and lots of birthdays including mine. 

Linda and flowers

Totally cool birthday presents - an old well used hand drill (every girl needs one) and a fabulous rabbit necklace from my husband along with lovely roses.  My kids and grand kids sent some beautiful Spring flowers.  We got yummy crab cakes for lunch.  A very nice birthday.

On Saturday I'm meeting two friends for brunch and we are still celebrating April birthdays!  It's Julie's birthday this month too.  So instead of birthday day, weekend, week - I tend to celebrate birthday month!  Works for me.

If you saw this in the kitchen - would you know what it was?

birthday present

I don't have any plants because Buzz loves to eat them.

Buzz eating flower

I put this lovely bunny on a necklace of tiny green beads.

bunny necklace

Best crabcake sandwich ever.

crab cake

Flower, Flowers, Flowers


roses up close

spring flowers close up

My scooter boots (they are at least 15 years old) decided to just come unglued.  The shoe repair man said that no glue would hold them together so I searched and searched for a pair of shoes that go over my ankle.  I bought one pair but took them back the next day - just a bit too tight on one foot.  I finally found a pair that will work for scooter riding - they are boys shoes! 

OLD riding boots

old boots

NEW riding boots

shoes nike

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