Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 days of Christmas Ornamant Swap

The 2nd annual 12 days of Christmas ornament swap was hosted by Elizabeth Woodford.  She coordinated and collected 12 hand made ornaments from 12 participants.  I got my little tree out of the attic and patiently waited each day to open one ornament. By Christmas the little tree was full of beautiful ornaments.

Here are all the lovely packages:

12 days of christmas packages

Here is a photo of the decorated tree:

decorated tree

Day 1 - Alice Early - a delightful bird's nest with buttons and a little birdie!

day 1

day 1 ornament

Day 2 - Barbara Posey - what a cute felted Santa!

day 2 box

Day 2 santa

Day 3 - Christine Lush-Rodriguez - a beautifully painted ceramic snowflake with Santa!

Day 3 package

Day 3 santa star

Day 4 - Patti Gramza - What a joyful ornament!  I just love the printed burlap package.

Day 4 package

Day 4 joy girl

Day 5 - Leslie Brier - Wow, Leslie made this tiny package of ornaments!  This is just amazing.

Day 5 package

day 5 ornament box Leslie

Day 6 - Martha Brown - I love the white star with all the great texture.

Day 6 package

day 6 ornament

Day 7 - Janet Moss - Jello Jane is now a resident of my new art doll wall in my studio.  Just stunning!  Well done Janet.

day 7 package

day 7 jello jane tag

day 7 jello jane

Day 8 - Terry Pitzel - a delightful collaged tree. 

day 8 package

day 8 ornament

Day 9 - Melissa Terlizzi - the most beautiful, delicate clay flower.  Amazing work.

day 9 package

Day 9 flower

Day 10 - Linda Morgan - I had a great time making a fabric collage ornament. 

Day 10 ornaments and bags

Day 10

Day 11 - Elizabeth Woodford - a double sided ornament!  How cute is this?

day 11 package

day 11 ornament elizabeth front

Day 11 ornament elizabeth

Day 12 - Nancy Williams - a fun painted box to complete the 12 days of Christmas swap.

day 12 package

day 12 ornament

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