Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Activities

Good Stuff
  • Breakfast with Judi (and talking girl talk for 3 hours)
  • Getting a surprise gift from Joan - it's great when friends know exactly what to get you!  Everyone needs a green plastic goat that looks like it glows in the dark.
gift from joan

  • Going through the drive through car wash - (really just needed the inside of the car cleaned)  I always hate the part where I have to get the wheel in the track.
  • Thinking about future art projects (not actually doing art because the studio is waiting for shelves so I can put stuff away and find things once again).
  • Making biscuits
  • Watching a movie Sunday afternoon
  • Taking a day off from cleaning
  • Enjoying the cool fall weather and taking photos in the garden
hollyhock seeds
fall flowers
chives and leaves

  • Helping Buzz and Emma with their artwork.  The cardboard is distressed to perfection, now for paint.
buzz art 2

emma art
  • Feeling very lucky and grateful for all that I have

More stuff
  • Got up early to take Emma to the vet for a checkup (Emma has an ear infection and has to have drops put in her ears twice a day for 7 days - this is day 3)  It's getting harder to catch her each time.
  • Finally finished cleaning the laundry room (this took at least a week)
laundry shelves
  • Figued out that the oak tree in the side yard is dropping acorns on the family room roof - I don't ever remember this happening.  It sounds like large tree limbs are falling on the roof.
  • Stressing about organizing my art stuff and cleaning the shop.  It just seems overwhelming right now.  Hey Angelo - Help, I really need those shelves!
studio stuff

studio stuff

studio stuff

studio stuff

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