Monday, October 8, 2012

A Perfect Fall Day


Early October, Falls Church, Virginia - the weather is sunny and crisp.  I think I'll go to the farmer's market, I haven't been this year.  Mostly, I just want to walk around.  I took my best canvas bag with huge flowers on it.  Wow, there is a lot more traffic than I remember and no parking spaces?  I finally found a space and walked over to the market.  The colors, smells and sounds of the market all meld together: crab cakes and crepes cooking, pieces of apples to sample, cookies and ice cream, a banjo player, a Peruvian flute player, fall flowers and plants, homemade soap, skeins of beautifully colored wool and huge mounds of fruits and vegetables.  People everywhere. 

The banjo player invited children to play along with him, one little guy with one green show and one red shoe was tapping his red shoe and playing the child size banjo.  Everyone was having a great time at the market.

banjo shoes


Yum, Nutella crepes for breakfast!





Cherry Hill farm is right beside the market - they were having a Farm Day celebration.  No wonder there wasn't any parking.  Pumpkin painting, climbing hay bales, and making scarecrows were a few of the activities.

cherry hill farm


pumpkins painted

After the farmer's market and visiting Cherry Hill Farm I stopped by Stifel and Capra (which is just around the corner) to see what was new and interesting.

A flea market in the parking lot and Grace from Folk Couture inside with her one of a kind creations.  I tried on the largest ones she had but alas they are all make for younger much thinner women.  So cute I just love her work.

I did find this adorable hand sewn doll that I just had to have!


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