Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Anniversary 2012

Linda & flowers

Wedding anniversaries are a time to reflect and a time to look ahead.  I like to look at our wedding photos and remember everyone as they were that day.   But time marches on and things have changed a lot in the 29 years since August 6, 1983.  Anniversaries are always joyful for us full of good food, flowers, thoughtful gifts and handmade cards, oh and the desserts are always fabulous.  I didn't get any photos of the desserts we just focused on eating them!  The dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and whipped cream was just amazing.

I did find a pictures of 2 of the wonderful desserts we had from the fabulous Heidelberg bakery in Arlington, VA


2012 anniversary card

The best crabcake subs in the world!

Isn't this the greatest pencil and brush holder!  I just Love it.
cat brush holder


August 6, 1983
Bill and Linda

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