Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moving the Studio

It seems like an insurmountable task - pack all my art and art supplies, take all my treasures off the walls, and move the tables and supplies from the second floor to the basement.  I packed up the hallway studio but most of it just went into the bedroom studio.  The 2nd floor is getting painted and rooms are being shifted around.  The plan is to set up the studio in the basement and have a guest room, office and reading room on the second floor.  The basement is very small and dark and full of stuff that needs to be thrown or given away.  So before the studio gets set back up the task of cleaning the basement looms large.  I am hoping to have a very, very organized and consolidated new art space.

Moving update - After 3 trips to Staples for plastic bins it's all packed, 3 tables, 2 floor lamps, 4 table lamps, rugs,  and bulletin boards have all been moved to the basement.  I've had that art room for about 18 years; it eventually spilled into the hallway to create another studio.  It started out life as my sewing room where I made baby quilts for all the grand kids, then it worked into a greeting card, polymer clay, jewelry, journal, beading, collage, mixed media whatever I'm interested in at the moment room.  The plan for the new space it to keep it mostly in clear plastic bins and just unpack what I need for my current project.

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