Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Garden 2011

This year I trimmed all 10 blueberry bushes.  Here are some early flowers that will turn into blueberries.  The birds usually get them before I do.

Beautiful spring flowers and colors.

 A rock I painted to look like a turtle.  This guy has been out in the garden many years.

and a very weird Bunny - it was just too cute, I have to have it.

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Garden Shots Linda!!The blueberry blossoms are stunning! I wish that I had space for them!! Have you ever tried covering the bushes with cheesecloth? I love BB's so much I would be willing to come be your personal scare crow!!!!
May I copy the pic of the barette in your hair for my FB page?? It really looks fab on you!!! Thanks for the advert!!!!!