Monday, February 8, 2010

Cool Stuff from Joan

Judi delivered all this stuff from Joan.  My amazing art sister Joan (who lives in Pennsylvania) sent me bags and boxes of very cool stuff: an old tin, buttons, jewerly, threads, old needle packages, quilt sqaures, pattens, books, magazines, yards and yards of fabric, a green satin sweetheart pillow in a box, a sewing box full the embroidery thread, trims, hangers, old advertising, a premier issue of Threads magazine from Oct/Nov 1985 the price back then $3.50 - don't you wish magazines cost $3.50 now?  And what looks to be a 60's print sewing basket. 

This was a great gift to get right before we got snowed in - it provided hours and hours of fun.  I especially liked the very cool red smirnoff tist off strawberry flavored vodka box packed full of stuff.  Thank you very much Joan.

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