Saturday, November 21, 2009


I made some angel ornaments out of antique body parts and tin cans this year. I also experimented with frozen charlotte earrings. I used old rosary beads for the hangers. They are at my friend Theresa's store Stifel and Capra in Falls Church, Virginia, looking for new homes for the holidays. Check out Theresa's blog at to find out all the great events at the store for the holidays.


Elizabeth said...

Linda !! These are fabulous!!! Can I buy one of your angels directly from you!! I must have one- save one for me!! After all you bought one of my birds and aI would hang your angel year round!!

Artfully yours, Linda said...

I stopped by the store and one tin can angel and one pair of earrings sold. Let me know which one you like and I will pick it up from the store. The fabulous bird I got from you hangs in my studio - I love it!

purplecat said...

Hello fellow purplecat!!!!
love your angels :)

Chaska said...

I am so happy to have "met" you through our blogs! I enjoyed looking at your art! Like you, I think RetroCafe is the best.

P.S. Hope you scrolled a year back on my site to see the angels.