Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Christmas swap 2014

Here are the lovely ornaments from the Christmas 2014 swap.  This is the last year for the swap.  My tree is full of beautiful handmade ornaments from all of my art friends!  Thank you ladies!

#1 Kathie Barrus - a very tiny perfect angel

#2 Christine Lush Rodriguez - a very cool pottery tree

 #3 Barbra Posey - A felted snowman with a star and vintage velvet flower

 #5 (No #4 this year) Marilyn Hammenwright - a felted ball with glow in the dark beads 

 #6 Melissa Terlizzi - the cutest snowman ever - made from polymer clay

 #7 Martha Brown - such a beautiful package with a glass jar with a tiny tree and glitter

 #8 Maryanne Lush - A large ornament filled with angels, trees and sparkly goodness

 #9 Robin McIntyre - a beautiful knitted bell

 #10 Stephanie Woolsey - A snow globe with trees, a gold deer and glitter

#11 Linda Morgan - I made 12 dolls.  The legs are typewriter keys.  It was really difficult to drill holes through the typewriter keys.  I had such a great time dressing each one.  Each has a crown and butterfly wings.

#12 Elizabeth Woodford our lovely hostess for all the Christmas ornament swaps.  The sweetest little bird ever!  Thank you Elizabeth for all your hard work.  I have really enjoyed the swap over the years.

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