Monday, March 18, 2013

Recycled Robot class

robot class

Best class ever.  Everyone brought tins, rusted stuff, kitchen utensils, thrift store finds you name it and it was sure to be among the stuff we brought to make our robots.  Since we didn't know exactly what to bring most of us brought everything we could find at home that we might want to use.

Class sample made by our teacher, Leslie Brier.  If you saw this robot - wouldn't you want to take the class too?
Leslie robot

The class Altered Art - Assemblage Recycled Robots was held at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA taught by Leslie Brier

A wonderful time was had by all.  Leslie is a very patient teacher and showed us how to use lots of tools that we now all must have.  I really liked the Fisker hand drill.  We were also introduced to 2-part apoxi sculpt which is used to support and hold stuff together.  Apoxi Sculpt - just add this to your must have list, trust me.  I was so involved in making my robot I didn't take pictures until the end of the class when most of the robots had already been packed up.

I still have some finishing touches to add to Mr. Catnip - yes, I bought the catnip because I had to have the tin.  His head and arms are old sewing machine feet attachments.  I used the dremel to cut a hole in the top of the tin and really made sparks fly.  Good thing Leslie reminded us to bring and use our safety glasses. 

This photo just arrived from Sharon - proof that I do wear safety glasses and can make sparks fly!

robot sparks

By Linda Morgan - Mr. Catnip - work in progress

catnip robot

By Barb Boatman

Barb's robot

A second robot in the works by Barb

barb's robot 2

Laura Hummel made two robots - great face

Laura's robot 2

Loving those chunky legs

Laura's robot

These delightful robots were made by the lady sitting next to me - since we just met I of course forgot her name.  I just found out that her name is Tina Hartley!

class robot 1

class robot

Totally fun class.  I see more robots in my future.

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Elizabeth said...

I am soooo glad that you got to take this Class!! It is magical is it not!! great pics and thanks for posting them!!! Leslie is a dear friend and a marvelous teacher. We need to do a junking day together , the three of us!!!