Wednesday, March 6, 2013

D.C. Big Flea Market

When Barb asked "Who wants to go to the flea market?" I said without hesitation I DO.  I needed to get out and walk around and see stuff.  Stacy an art friend of Barb's also came, she was prepared with a backpack on wheels!  It's been a while since I have been to the Dulles Expo Center.  The flea market is a well attended show but I did hear one of the dealers say even though lots of people were there they were not spending money.

We were all surprised at the number of booths that had tons and I mean tons of vintage clothing.  Half way through Stacy and I sat down and had a snack.  When we started back up again I found that I was tired out and sat down for a bit longer.  Barb was also tired by that time.  Stacey was still going - then I found out that she is half our age and didn't feel so bad.  They both found some great stuff - I saw a few things that caught my interest but did not buy anything.

I did take some pictures:

My idea of heaven

vintage dresses

Love old pin cushions dolls and sewing stuff

pin cushion dolls

Attracted to the sparkle of the hatpins arranged by color!


I wish I could have this whole box of dolls - from what I could see it would cost around $500!  I looked but kept walking.


What a delightful outfit!

yellow lady

This mirror was sold - I don't have anywhere to put it put really liked it.


Barb with a wire cage thing that will be part of a mixed media piece someday.


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