Thursday, February 7, 2013



A small cabinet with 4 baskets from IKEA.  How much trouble could that be to put together?  Only a few pieces, screws and those delightful wooden pegs that hold everything together.  First remove everything from the box and hope that all the screws and pegs are in the package.

Then set up the baskets (they were flattened out).  Totally easy so far. Then you very patiently try and follow the pictures on how the pieces fit together.  Not so easy to follow at times.

cabinet pieces

My helper Buzz jumped on the table then right in the very tall box.

buzz in box

Here is the finished cabinet with baskets ready to be filled (I already have 3 of them filled).  Everything went smoothly until the top had to be screwed in place.  The wooden pegs were too long which made it impossible to put the last 4 screws in. When I took the top off a peg broke and got stuck in one of the holes.  After I set it free it had to be super glued together.  The next day the pegs were cut a bit and with a little help the final 4 screws were tightened down.

IKEA furniture can be a challenge to put together, but it's always fun and functional.

finished cabinet

I bought two strings of flower lights.  They caught my eye at IKEA and I had to have them.  I put one string above my new shelves and the other above my worktable.

flower lights

New shelves with flower lights!!!

new shelves

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