Thursday, September 20, 2012

JAMS September meeting

This month we learned how to make silk paper.  A throw away tin brownie/cake pan, foam brush, netting and a $5.00 supply fee - now that was an easy supply list.  Judy Gula provided the silk, silk roving and bits to add to the paper.  Our teacher Carol Hamilton had lots of tips and samples and made the class fun!  We all loved our silk paper and couldn't wait for it to dry.

You start off with a piece of netting on the bottom of the pan, then place a very thin piece of silk on top, then start layering what ever you like, very thin layers.  When you are done, you put netting on top and dab on fabric medium and water mix until well saturated.  When it's almost dry you can peel off the netting and shape your paper if you like. 

Here are some pictures of my paper, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  Everyone's paper looked like the start of an under the sea scene to me.

Silk, bits of fabric, lace, sequins, and threads under the netting with fabric medium and water.

silk paper with netting

Here is a close up after it's dry and the netting is removed.  The colors are amazing!  I couldn't stop taking pictures.  I love the one of a kind cannot be duplicated even if you tried all day look of this paper.

silk paper 2

I found a piece of blue sparkle thread and put it on last.  I should have put some thin layers of roving on top of the thread to hold it down.  I'm planning on using some thread and beads to secure the thread to the paper.
silk paper 1

silk paper 4

silk paper 3

Judy had a table of linens for us to go through which were 1/2 price.  This is my idea of heaven.


Here are my treasures.  I'm starting to think about the Christmas exchange ornaments I will be making this year and found a few items that I may use.

my finds

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