Sunday, April 22, 2012

Campbell's Art Project

What makes you Unique?  Campbell's assignment was to make a poster about what makes her unique, she loves dance and was leaning towards a dance themed poster.  Then she decided it was Art that makes her unique.  Her sister Alex and I assisted and the project was completed in two days.  If you ever need someone to handle a hot glue gun she is an expert and would be glad to assist.

Alex found a piece of art that Campbell made when she was 5, I insisted that it be included to show that she really has been doing art all her life.  I was proud to assist her with this fabulous collage of all the things that make her unique.

Art makes me unique.  Art makes me unique because it runs in my family.  I always want to do art 7 days a week.  In an art piece you get to express yourself what you like to do.  I also love art because you can be you and you don't have to worry about judgement.  Something makes everybody unique!  Art is what makes me unique!  Peace, Love Art!

Note for Barb:  Campbell used pink paper as a base, strips of torn fabric and cut up pieces of a tin can wove them all together then sewed them on the sewing machine for a piece of art to use on her poster!!!!

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