Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine Charm swap

The group that got together for the Christmas swap had so much FUN we decided to do a Valentine's charm swap.  I've always wanted to do a charm swap.  I had big plans for my charms I was trying to make polymer clay cake slices with roses on top.  Well, they ended up being hearts with weird flowers on top.  Making slices of cake proved to be much harder than it looked on the u tube videos.

Here are the wonderful charms I received.  Leslie included some darling heart erasers that I also turned into charms.

I love, love, love this charm from Barb our hostess, she also included the bracelet for the charms. 

Corrine had such lovely packaging I used her charm as the centerpiece of my necklace.

This artful heart is from Elizabeth.

Hope made this very sweet heart charm.

Leslie included a box with stickers, a paper heart, erasers and the most delightful bird sitting in a nest of eggs.

Here are my clay hearts.

Martha made a metal etched heart with a very cool ribbon.

Patti used a bottle cap for her very romantic charm.

Terry made a tiny collage heart which has another tiny heart attached to the corner of the card.

Vivian how in the world did you get so much in such a tiny package, charms, button, a tiny tin jello mold with a cute picture frame - I have plans for the tiny jello mold.

The packaging of the charms was just as wonderful as the charms.  Lots of stuff to reuse in future projects.  Here is the finished necklace.  Definitely CHARMING!  Thank you ladies.


vivian said...

so much to LOVE here! All the charms are awesome. This was definitely one of my most favorite swaps ever.
happy sunday!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

This looks so fab, you and Viv have just outdone it! I guess I better see if I can put one together too! Thanks so much for a totally cool swap! xox Corrine

martha brown said...

Oh, the charms look so pretty! Hopefully they will arrive in the north soon :)I love what you have done with them. I'm debating over whether I want a necklace or a bracelet.... I'll decide when I see them -- and I also have extra charms that I could attach :)

Terry Pitzel said...

Wow I love your necklace! I may have to make a necklace. I was thinking charm bracelet, but your necklace looks great!

I love your heart charm did you make it? Is it polymer clay or something else?

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Terry, the hearts are polymer clay. I was trying to make a piece of cake with different color layers but it didn't work out. It is much harder than it looks. So they ended up being hearts. Then I tried to put roses on the hearts but that didn't work out either. Yikes.