Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 11 - Linda

Finally Day 11 is here and everyone will open my gift to them!  I wrapped them in pieces of material I hand dyed.  Here is is group shot of the girls waiting on the garden steps.  I took a picture of each of them outside then packed them up and sent them to Elizabeth to be sent to new homes.

I was wondering which one would make it's way back to me.  Each doll has a token, mine says Cherish and each doll has a funny black glass bird.  Buzzy is helping by biting the bird.  What a talented guy.

The little ladies are made of painted and collaged alphabet blocks, a clay face, old door pulls for wings, an old earring for a hat and bits and pieces of fabric and lace for their clothes.  The arms and legs don't always match - they were dug from the grounds of an old doll factory in Germany.  I just happened to have enough arms and legs to make all the dolls.  I hope you all enjoy them. 

This has been a wonderful experience and it's nice to meet new art friends and get to know them through their art and blogs.  Thank you ladies and Elizabeth for getting this great group together.  We are lucky enough to have 2 more days of presents.


vivian said...

I LOVe my doll ornie! You really worked hard on these ornaments. Im not sure mine will go on the tree. I really like having her sit here at the computer with me. I think I'll let her decide where she would like to be! lol
thank you!!

Patti G. said...

I adore your little steampunk girlies!!!!!!!! She is happily on my tree and shinging brightly!
I got one with a blue face and the wording is LISTEN! Maybe there is a message in that for me!!!! Heheheh!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Oh my gosh, I opened this today and flabergasted. She is so fantastic I couldn't wait to hang her on the tree! Brilliant job. xox Corrine

Barbara said...

did you hear me GASP!!! and my new little "linda" is LAVENDER!!! LIL LAVENDER LINDA who now resides at 123 lavender lollipop lane!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

Terry Pitzel said...

Wow I am so thrilled with my funky little lady doll. I am blessed to be in a trade with you again. Thanks so much!

Terry Pitzel said...

I love my little angel doll! Thanks so much for making this a wonderful Christmas for me.

Every gift has been so much fun!

Elizabeth said...

You have done it again Linda!! what fabulous little dolls!! mine will be on the tree for a bit but wil live year round with the rest of my doll collection along with another one of your beloved dolls!!!
So very glad that you could join us in this swap!!\Big Hugs!!
See you On Sunday, i hope!!