Sunday, November 6, 2011

Art and Old Lace - inspiration

I stopped by the antique store in Falls Church, VA to look at the linens and sewing supplies.  On the floor I found a box filled with pieces of old lace.  I dumped it out and looked at each piece.  I heard a very loud voice in my head say you could use this for your next art quilt challenge project Art and Old Lace.  I took the whole box to the counter and asked if it was sold by the piece or the whole box since nothing had a price on it.

It was my lucky day the lady behind the counter said I can price each piece you want or you can buy the whole box.  I stood at the counter going through the box once more thinking how could I possible choose just a few pieces.  I looked up and she knew that the whole box was going home with me.  So now I have tons of lace for the project and have to come up with an idea.  I also found this photo of two girls in lace dresses that I bought for inspiration.

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