Sunday, October 23, 2011

Power Suit - Art Quilt Opening!

The quilt above is by Cyndi Souder  it features her father and also served as the theme and inspiration for the Power Suit challenge. For a list of the artists and information on the challenge visit

Working together, Cyndi Souder ( and Judy Gula ( developed a theme, packaged swatches, and offered them for free to interested quilters. Distributing challenge packets at quilt shows, lectures, and online through their blogs and websites, Cyndi and Judy invited quilters to express their take on Power Suits through their artwork.

Amazing, WOW, blown away, proud to be part of the show.  The opening was fabulous.  Just inside the front door there were drinks, snacks and a table to sign in and get your artists name badge.  There was a CD available with all the quilts and artists statements.  Then hanging all around were 18 x 18 art quilts all made to the theme of Power Suit.  Lots of superheros, cards, men and women in suits, abstract and traditional designs.  It was always interesting to look at the quilt and then read the artist statement to get some insight on the thoughts that went into the quilt.

Of course everyone wanted to see their quilt hanging in the show and how everyone interpreted the theme Power Suit.  What a wonderful show.  We got to vote for the quilt that made you think, made you laugh and best in show.  It was very hard and to vote for just 3 quilts.  This was my first challenge art quilt and show so I was very excited.

On opening night Cyndi Souder and Judy Gula talked about the Power Suit challenge and how exciting it was to receive 107 quilts and presented the next challenge - Cyndi had received lots of lace and still had plenty of sample books so the new challenge "Arts and Old Lace" was born.  The packages just flew out of the store.  Everyone was already planning their next quilt.

Here is my artist statement:

Victorian Power Suit - Power Suit - my first thoughts were of Queen Victoria and her spectacular dresses and jewels, and then I saw this amazing portrait of a Victorian woman with a stunning butterfly mask.  I love the chaos of collage, the freedom to create layers of paper, cloth and found objects - every element chosen has a story to tell.

After her morning French lesson Edwina know to friends and family as "Birdie" put on her best butterfly mask and leisurely strolled through town to the portrait studio showing everyone what a beautiful, vibrant, charming. powerful woman she is.

Here is a picture of the mask before beading:

After beading. I had a wonderful time hunting down the perfect colors and shapes of beads to complete the mask.

Quilt under construction - I used the black and gray wool samples to piece the backgound, added lace, ribbon, buttons, butterflys and used the neck ties for the skirt.


Elizabeth said...

I have one BIG problem with your description !! You say that you are not a beader- YOU ARE WRONG!! This quilt really was one of my top favorites!! It just blew me away and I would have known it was yours even if I had not been at the shop when you delivered it. It has your name and aesthetic and detail all over it!! Bravo Linda !! You really rocked this!!!!

MW said...

Linda, your piece is awesomely creative! Thanks for posting the before the beading photo. The beads add much pizzazz and grandeur! Cyndi and Judy orchesterated a great challenge and an exciting grand opening. Can't wait for Arts and Old Lace.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Oh wow...your piece is amazing. I love it...great job :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting about the exhibit. Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog and saw my quilt staring at me! Love it!

Your quilt and your beading artistry wowed many of our visitors; I hope you understand that you are more talented than you admit. I especially like the explanation and before-and-after pictures.

It was wonderful to meet you and I cannot wait to see what you do with "Arts & Old Lace."

Cyndi Souder