Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I was driving to work on Friday and on the radio daughter's were talking about memories of their dads from their childhood.  When I woke up today I started thinking about memories from my childhood.  One is baking peanut butter cookies with my dad and learning how to hold the mixer all by myself.  It sure seemed heavy at the time.  I was very proud to have mixed the cookies by myself.  We also made fudge together, it was always put on a special buttered plate (it had to be that plate) and I always got to eat all the fudge from the bowl and spoon.  My dad cooked all the Sunday dinners and they were fabulous.  He was also a master at bar-b-queing.  For a retirement present his office had a stainless steel grill made for him.  Summer was not complete with out a bar-b-que party where ribs with his secret sauce recipe were served.  The sauce simmered all day until it was just right.  Obviously, the way to a little girl's heart is through her stomach.

We also traveled to Germany to see my grandparents.  It was a grand adventure.  I remember getting a traditional green wool hat and collecting pins from the places we visited.  I still have the hat and memories.

Happy Father's Day to all father's everywhere who teach us how to live and love and be better people.

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