Monday, March 28, 2011

Morgan's Dinner Party and Show

Morgan invited her grandparents to a dinner party to celebrate all our birthday's.  After a day of working with her grandma at the bookstore she came home and prepared dinner and put on a show   The Moosewood Honest Pretzel cookbook was used for the delightful dinner of homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, home made salsa, torn tortilla casserole and to finish the meal berry much shortcake. The show had dancing, magic and a dramatic performance complete with costume changes.  We were very impressed with the energy and creatativity it took to cook and put on a show (oh to be 9 again).  Very well done Morgan!

There were a few moments of panic when we were worried that the marker Morgan used on her face was permanent!  All is well the mustache and eyebrows washed off just fine.

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