Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 6, 2010

We were married 27 years ago on August 6, 1983 in Washington, DC.  Our children Catherine and Brendan now have families of their own and we have 7 beautiful grandchildren.  Looking back through photo albums it's been quite a journey to get here.  We appreciate all that has been given to us over the years.

My husband has a favorite place to shop for unique gifts for me.  This beautiful necklace has quite a story.  It started out tarnished with a garnet in the shell.  He saw it and thought nothing but a freshwater pearl of just the right shape and color would work.  The day before our anniversary it was rushed to the jeweler and the pearl was mounted in the shell.  What no one anticipated is that the jeweler would polish the silver!  When the jeweler saw the expression on my husband's face he said don't worry it will tarnish again.  My husband found some paper that feels like silk - he was so proud of the beautiful package he made.  We had a wonderful dinner, delicious cake and watched an interesting independent art movie.

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