Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beaded Book Sampler

I took a class with Liz Kettle at Artistic Artifacts called Bodacious Beading. The Pink book is one of her sample books. 

The finished project is a sample book of different stiches. You get a good start on the inside of the book and have to finish the outside at home. There are tags that you put in the book that describe the stitches you learned. Liz said that everyone finishes the book because they want to do the fringe beads on the spine. Here is my book in progress.  When the book is finished the whole spine of the book will be covered in beaded fringe.

The orange hand dyed fabric was a gift from Chaska and the mask on the front was a gift from Joan.  I love to incorporate gifts in my projects.


A present from Joan that saved my life is this needle threaded.  It really, really works.  You put the needle upside down in the white tube, lay thread acress the threader, push the button down and the thread is pushed through the eye of the needle, you pull the loop of thread, pick up the needle and it is threaded.  How cool.

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