Sunday, May 30, 2010

G-Street Fabrics

Here are a few of my memories of G-Street Fabrics - I actually remember when it was in downtown Washington, DC on G Street.  I took my very first quilt class at the G-street fabrics in Rockville.  It was a very busy store with shelves bursting with fabric.  When we moved to Virginia I was very excited that a G-street fabrics was opening in Falls Church.  I took a few classes and always found beautiful fabric - even though it was expensive, I didn't mind because I just usually bought a small amount.  I have been to the Potomac Mill store a few times (it is now closed) and the Centreville store a few times.  I stopped quilting in favor of mixed media collage which I fell in love with because it's so random and doesn't have to be precise like the quilts I was making at the time.

My friend Joan is in town for the weekend and had some old gift certificates from G-Street - by the way they never expire - one of the certificates was from 2003.  Judy, Joan and I headed out to lunch and then to G-street fabrics in Falls Church.  I started noticing all the changes since I had been there, but what was most shocking is the inventory of cotton quilting fabrics.  There were many empty and near empty shelves.  They could have fit the remaining fabric in half the space.  Even though almost everything was 25% off and they had additional coupons on their website, the store was empty.  It looked like a very sad place - I didn't realize that the bad economy had hit G-street so hard.  You would never know by their website and class listings.  I have a feeling that they are going to have to scale back even more to survive.

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