Monday, October 12, 2009

Leesburg Adventure

Julie, Judy and I went on an outing to Leesburg, VA - it was an amazing clear, sunny, warm yet crisp fall day. The first place we saw was Mom's apple pie everything looked and smelled wonderful. We settled on the butter pecan apple crumb pie. I got 1/3 of that pie and ate it ALL last night! We walked around the historic district and looked into the shops and art galleries for a bit then stopped for a refreshing iced tea.
We went into the wine shop - local wine labels are usually very cool. I saw one that said Bitch and without thinking a turned to Julie and said, "I think this one is for you" she was a little insulted but took in all in fun especially when her daughter called her and agreed that the wine was for her. She did end up buying it. Apparently, the grapes are a bitch to grow and that's how it got it's name.

We had a fashionably late lunch at Clydes at Willow Creek Farm (a huge place) and sat in the restored barn. Judi surprised us with a fried calamari appetizer - the surprise didn't really work out because Julie and I don't like calamari. I did try a small piece that tasted like the tomato dipping sauce. I picked one up by it's legs and the waitress said most people don't eat the ones with the legs - Judi put them away and took them home for her son.
After our yummy lunch we took a stroll up to their barn. I loved the bee's working sign, and actually saw the bees working . It was a wonderful girls day out.

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