Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amazing Jacket

Last Sunday Judy hosted a tea party at Artistic Artifacts for all to show off their newly constructed jackets, pants, and dresses. Wow, everyone had such beautiful garments! I managed to wear a t-shirt that had the words China Tea on it. Feeling a little left out of the conversations on how the others made their garments - I started looking at the wonderful displays.

I spotted a jacket that I just loved - then when I tried it on it fix perfectly. Judy provided me with the phone number of the maker and I am thrilled that she is willing to part with it and send it to a new home. The amazing artist that made the jacket is Daine Herbort

I picked up the jacket on Friday from Diane and had a lovely visit with her. Once in a while you just know something for sure and I just knew that this jacket was meant for me. The jacket changes colors depending on the light, it has amazing details, beads and a hand painted lining.

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Elizabeth said...

This jacket was really meant for you!!! Con't remember how many times you tried it on!!!!! It was a perfect fit and all of the vintage fabrics and the fabulous construction make it a fabulous specail garment. I am thrilled that Diane was willing to part with it!!! Great Find !!