Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kitten Rescue

Genie takes care of her neighborhood stray cats by feeding, spaying, neutering and providing them with shelter in the winter. She recently found two 3 week old kittens that were not with their mom. She saw a fox looking for the kittens so she took them in. Genie is allergic to cats and is leaning how to be a kitty mama. One is very lively and loves to climb all over her sister - the other one is very quiet and loves her tummy to be rubbed. They are very sweet, we went over at feeding time today (feeding time is every 4 hours). The black one likes to eat from a baby bottle, her sister like to tray lapping up milk but is mostly snorting it up her nose. They both have long wild hair and the cutest little meow you have ever heard.


Anonymous said...

They slept thru the night last night, but I didn't get much sleep. I kept getting up to check on them. I should have gotten them up for a feeding since this morning they were convinced they were starving to death and were quite vocal and aggressive! Too cute and growing! I have never been a cat person, but I think I am being converted. Genie

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Those are the most precious faces EVER!!!!!

Chaska said...

Totally adorable!!!