Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doll class update

This is what I have so far. It's done except the head is not really attached and I always seem to add more stuff.

I never think that something new is going to be hard. I have to say that I've been struggling with the doll class. First the boots and gloves were way to small (my seams were too big). I saved the boots but will need to make new gloves. When I sewed the doll the belt got sewed to the crotch which prevented me from turning it. I ended up with a hole in the crotch and one arm where the stitches pulled out - because now I'm barley leaving a seam allowance. The slit I used to turn the doll was about 4 inches long. I had a terrible time turning the legs and arms. Stuffing went OK. I made a doll about 10 years ago and still had a set of tubs and rods used for turning - I would not have been able to turn the arms and legs with out this tool.

The class challenged me to try something new. The first time through is always a learning experience. I have two more heads and I feel sure that I will have an easier time finishing them.

Thanks to Chaska Peacock and Georgina Diaz for hosting the class. I can't wait to see the other dolls!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Wow, awesome job!!!

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Hi Linda
I love your doll! She is fantastic. No wonder she was a challenge to make with building up all the details :-)Thank you for you comment on my blog. Amazing how sililar our paths have been/are. Life is so exciting :-)
We absolutely love living in Bury St Edmunds. It is such a superb town and we are heading home tomorrow after a very busy time. Yeah. Take care and see you around.