Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Beautiful Evening in DC

We took the Vespa scooter on a tour of our old neighborhoods in Washington, DC last night. We stopped to get a hamburger, fries and onion rings a Z-burger (I took some TUMS when we got home just in case the onion rings decided to cause problems) then on to our old Cleveland Park neighborhood. We drove by the Shorham hotel (we got married there in 1983). It looked so big and beautiful, I had no idea it had 834 rooms. We drove by the 3 apartments we lived in - the old neighborhood is a happening place now. Every seat in every outside cafe was taken, everyone looked happy to be out and about. We drove by the National Cathedral where a graduation was just getting out and everywhere you looked you saw beautiful young women in white summer dresses (with very high heels) and a single red rose. Downtown on the mall folks were enjoying the sites. What a lovely evening on the scooter!

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