Friday, April 24, 2009

Lafayette Square

Here are my impressions of Lafayette Square from today's lunchtime stroll in no particular order: tour buses, ducks, teenagers, blue jay, bees, trees, cameras, chess game, summer dresses, smell of french fries, orange base ball caps, protesters, cool breeze, cigar smoke, video cameras, police on bikes, helicopters, seeing eye dog, fountains, shorts, fading tulips and a personal trainer with a group of miserable looking recruits.

I went to take a photo of my favorite tree to show you. It is highly favored by squirrels in the summer and has the most character.

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Terry Pitzel said...

This is a great tree. so nice of your to share it with us.

I hope you are well. I miss you.
Can you come to the show you won't believe what we are doing in our art now it is all new.