Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pearl stayed home

Pearl is the only one at home right now. I entered her in the Life's a Beach contest at Cloth, Paper, Scissors - but she was not selected. Now the good news! She has found a home with a new art friend.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Pearl is a lovely little gal. You did a great job. I received your email about her today. Thank you. I just got home, wanted to take a peek at the doll, and I plan on emailing you back tomorrow.


debbie said...

dear linda,
i just found your blog through kristen.
my sister lives in phoenix and she works for the federal government...BLM.....she is a web mistress and graphic creator.
i love all your dolls.....if my life was not in such a medical upheaval with our daughter, i would be happy to purchase some.

Elizabeth said...


i love Pearl and I think atht CPS wwas REALLY foolish not to accept her. I can't figrure them out ! I ahve seen the most amazing art- all rejected by them!! i made a collage about our summers on the Cpae- all about my daughter actually and they rejected it too. Never will get accepted if we don't keep submitting!!