Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mixed Media Club Holiday Party 2008

Friends, art, gifts and pizza, what could be better than that. We all got our altered books back - the class is over after 8 months. The class enriched my art skills and I developed wonderful friendships. The spine broke from the weight of the pages in my book. I think I will leave it like that to remind me of all the lessons learned.
I made angel ornaments from old alphabet blocks and doll parts (made from 1860 - 1920) dug from the ground in Thuringia, Germany. They have dirt and rust on them - some I leave as is and some I have cleaned up a bit and painted. This has been a fun project. The angels will find their way to new homes at Christmas. This is the one that I made for the party swap.

I was luck enough to get a piece of art from Terry at the holiday party. I already hug it up in my studio. Thanks Terry!

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