Sunday, November 2, 2008

Altered book pages

I am working in my own book this time. The theme is Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. I've done spreads on Earth and Water so the spreads I did this time were on Fire and Wind. There is no doubt about the fire but the wind I'm not so sure of. We also had a special class on niches. My niche has a water theme. We have one more class. It's been an interesting class - just about every life event you can think of has happened to one or more of us.


Terry Pitzel said...

Hi Linda I love your spreads in your beautiful altered book. The niche is wonderful and I love the water theme with the cheese cloth closure creative. Also the fire spread is good looks like you used some glitter glue?

Your altered book buddy

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the kind comments. Your are right - I'm still addicted to glitter glue! How's work on your blog coming?