Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clouds and Angels

I love to look at clouds from airplane windows. I took lots of cloud pictures on my recent trip. I always wonder if angels are in them looking down on the earth and taking care of people. When I got home I had a package from my friend Judi. She knew just what to send me. It's a worry box. You are supposed to keep your worries in the box and the angels with help you with them. This is the kindest, most thoughtful gift I have every received.

Inside the worry box it says: Your Worry Box, this box is for your worries. The aches within your heart. A place to tuck away your fears, where love and hope can start. So keep this box beside you, and know how much they care, for when you need peace and joy the angels will be there.

Play the music in the Worry Box when you need solace. Open it for reassurance, and when in despair, remember that "the angels will be there."

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top5cats said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Glad you stopped by. I like your photos and especially of the clouds. I was in hope for clouds when I went to Vegas, what I got was the Grand Canyon instead, but that was ok. Ha ha. See you soon, Terri